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Our HHC vapes are carefully crafted with the perfect blend of cannabinoids & 100% natural flavors so you can enjoy the perfect high and delicious flavors at the same time!

Für dein legales High

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Frequently asked questions

Is HHC legal?

Technically, HHC is not THC. In Europe, cannabis products with less than 0.3% THC are generally legal. Regulations vary from country to country.

Is THC contained in the vape?

No, the vapes are completely THC free contain 100% natural flavors.

Effect of HHC

HHC has an effect profile comparable to the intoxicating sensation of THC. Many HHC users describe it as more sedating than exhilarating.

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  • Premium quality

    All products are tested in an external laboratory for quality and cannabinoid content according to EU standards for useful hemp analysis.

  • Premium protection

    "Meta" is derived from organic chemistry and stands for the use of organic ingredients in our liquids.

  • Premium taste

    Our metavapes provide you with an intense flavor.